Transition in the leadership of JADE

The last two months were quite eventful in JADE’s life. As in every year, the leadership of JADE has been given into the hands of a new Executive Board. During a four-week transition period, the former team performed a detailed handover and introductions for the new team. The transition phase had its highlight on the 12th of July, where the official handover ceremony was held in the European Parliament. This was facilitated thanks to the exclusive invitation of MEP Andrey Novakov who is a great supporter of JADE. Partner corporations and institutions as well as former and honoured members of the organization have been invited to take part.

The mandate of the Executive Board 2016 ended with their last General Assembly during Summer JADE Meeting from 04.-07. August in Geneva, Switzerland. The successful event, gathering over 150 participants, was hosted by the Junior Enterprise JEG. It allowed Junior Entrepreneurs from all over Europe to connect, take part in interesting workshops and talks and in an exclusive innovation lab with a business idea competition.

Since the 8th August the new JADE Executive Board is in office and we are looking forward to the tasks, opportunities and challenges of our new responsibilities. Klick here to meet us. A big thank you goes to the former JADE Executive Board! We will do our best to continue your successful work for JADE and achieve just as impressive results for the Junior Enterprise network as you did!