SJC – Reconnecting with the past to co-create the future.

Summer JADE Conference organized from JEME Bocconi Studenti has come to an end. This event gave the opportunity to 300 Junior Entrepreneurs from all over Europe to network with each other and also to attend workshops given from global brands in a variety of areas ranging from consultancy to industry. All of this happened in the wonderful and dynamic city of Milan, with plenty of opportunities to also enjoy the nightlife of this vibrant city.

At the opening ceremony, there were many important moments that will remain in the history books of the Junior Enterprise movement.  Participants had the chance to meet Francesco Sacco, founder of JEME Bocconi Studenti as well as Rogério Chér, founder of the first Junior Enterprise in Brasil and Christian Christodulopulos, former President of JADE Italia. Adriana and Antonia, former Presidents of JADE discussed the design of the global approach to the movement, including topics as enlargement and international relations. Furthermore, Jan was the responsible for the communication strategy behind the alignment of JADE’s members branding to promote a higher integration of the network and European level. Gaia, outgoing Vice President of JADE inspired the crowd with her words “every Junior Entrepreneur has a story and a reason to be here today. Today we are adding more reasons”. Walking through the past of the Junior Enterprise concept was a very emotional moment. The speaker shared their stories and challenges they had to face during their terms, and there, these pioneers had the opportunity to see first-hand how their dream became reality.

But it was not only a walk in the past. This conference is also the moment where the present and therefore JADE’s Executive Board 2017 formally ended their cycle and present the future of the movement, the Executive Board of 2018. In the closing remarks of the ceremony, a lot has been discussed in terms of what are the next steps in terms of global outlook, but the most stressed point of this ceremony was the Junior Entrepreneur Attitude. A proactive, engaged individual who always tries to push for more.

The best part of this is that as of now, it is our task as Junior Entrepreneurs to collaborate and co-create the future. The future that Rogerio and Mario had dreamed 25 years ago; the dream that in 25, 50, 100 years from now, we will be a united global movement spread in all the universities around the globe and we will all be the cause of it.

But this event is not only about workshops and speeches, behind the stage there is a core group of people that work very hard in the general assemblies, to ensure that all the member countries of JADE, are aligned and are able to share the best practices coming from their country to allow their Junior Enterprises and Junior Entrepreneurs to get the most out of this movement.

As mentioned before, it was an emotional moment as the Executive Board of 2017 finished their cycle but also an exciting one, as the new International Managers for each country were presented to the General Assembly. Moreover, as protocol, the outgoing Executive Board presented the annual discharge report with the main activities and results achieved during the year and is always a pleasure to see the report being approved from the member countries. The General Assembly also welcomed its new Delegate, Ana Frazão, International Manager for JADE Portugal.

Lastly, the new Executive Board managed their first activity in the General Assembly which was carried out in the span of two days and aimed at brainstorming new fundamental projects coming from the expectations and needs of each and every member of the General Assembly. This required time and concentration but at the end of the last General Assembly, the board collected a variety of key priorities to focus on this term.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event and do not worry if you did not have the opportunity to join this event in particular, there are many more to come! See you in JADE Spring Conference, next March.
With your contribution and dedication, we can keep planning on making dreams a reality.