Setting aims for strategic development & effective communication – EIIL Workshops

The European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL) has been a strong supporter and partner of JADE for more than a decade now, in particular, providing to Junior Entrepreneurs the opportunity to attend for free to EIIL workshops.


Those workshops have for objective to enable talented managers, from companies part of the EIIL, to develop their leadership skills further in order to be prepared for their next promotion inside the company. Those workshops are delivered by the expert coaches from the EIIL and based on methodologies developed and refined throughout the years.


Last month, our current President Yann Camus and our Secretary General 2017-2018 Adrien Lepic had the opportunity to attend to two of those workshops. A great opportunity to consolidate the knowledge and skills developed throughout the year for Yann and to prepare its onboarding for Adrien!


The first workshop took place in Leverkusen, Germany, in our partner Covestro’s office. The topic was “Effective Communication” and the dozen of participants had for objective to develop over two days a guide of best practices for an effective communication, both internally and externally. Starting first with a master class by the EIIL coaches, the participants were then separated in two teams that each interviewed two experts in communication with experience in companies like FedEx, Covestro or Clariant. This was also an opportunity to develop an interview process and the right skills for an active and fruitful listening. Some of the insights gathered during those two days are:


  • The communication equation: Sender x Message x Medium x Audience x Timing = Effect
  • How to conduct a 360° stakeholder gap analysis
  • How to communicate in an effective manner from a Global to Local level
  • How to assess the efficiency of the communication strategy and refine it over tim


The second workshop took part in Den Haag, Netherlands in CB&I ‘s office. The topic was “Setting Aims for Strategic Development” and the workshop looked into how can business leaders develop an effective and complete strategy, that will take the different information and insights in consideration. This then provides a framework to communicate and delegate easily the different tasks selected in order to achieve the strategic goals. Some of the insights gathered during those two days are:

  • Definition and Framework of strategy and goals
  • Defining a Quadrant of Aims when starting a project
  • Using a network of aims to identify stakeholders and define the best strategy
  • Risk and prioritization matrix


Interested in taking part in one of those workshops? They are free for Junior Entrepreneurs!
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