Improve your skills and build a professional network by attending EIIL workshops

The EIIL (European Institute for Industrial Leadership) is a JADE partner and industrial membership organisation who organise workshops across EU that bring together the brightest industry minds to discuss, develop and disseminate best practice for the current and future leaders of industry.

Leadership Workshops – FREE for JADE
Together with the EIIL, JADE offers to all its members and other student organisations either partners of JADE or of EIIL, the opportunity to attend high level workshops to develop leadership skills, with managers from various countries and different industries and backgrounds. These workshops normally cost up to 3.000€ but JADE members get up to 4 places for FREE on every EIIL workshop listed here.

Details on every workshop can be found here.

To attend these workshops write an email to from your JE-account with your:

  1. Workshop you are interested in
  2. Dates of your chosen workshop
  3. Updated CV
  4. Junior Enterprise
  5. Name

Nevertheless do not make any travel arrangements if you come from abroad until you get confirmation from EIIL that you are actually registered (a confirmation from EIIL secretariat is sent).

Some workshops require a general workshop before. You should consider this when applying. If you attended basic workshops before, you don’t need to attend them again. Workshops of question are the following:

  1. HPL0 is required to attend HPL 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Workshop-days usually start at 8.30am and ends at 5.30pm. Please make sure you attend the whole workshop when you are booking your flight or train. Take your opportunity now, workshops are limited and highly requested! For detailed information please check the official EIIL page.

Develop your entrepreneurial skills at Ent-Ex

Entrepreneurial skills workshops in Europe – FREE for students

JADE partners, the EIIL (European Institute for Industrial Leadership), are running a series of three day entrepreneurships summer schools across Europe, with the first of the 2017 events being held in the Hague (2-4 May), followed by London (20-22 June), Cologne (2-5 July), Barcelona (10-13 July).

Ent-Ex aims to help young people learn skills that will be essential in their future careers, whether that be as entrepreneurs or as members of larger enterprises. No lectures, no professors; Ent-Ex is learning by doing.

Over three days, participants will interview successful entrepreneurs in order to learn the skills that have been most useful to them. You’ll research, investigate, debate, conclude, present, observe, and get lots of feedback from us and your peers.

At the end of the three days there will be a marketplace event where participants present their business ideas (or themselves) to EIIL business partners.

Places are limited and are FREE for students, with a fee of €60 to cover the catering costs (breakfasts, lunches, coffees), you can view more details of the event on facebook or the Ent-Ex website:

Ent-Ex Entrepreneurship Experience

Contact us!

If you want to take this great opportunity to improve both your entrepreneurial skills and your professional network get in touch via !