Success Stories

We all follow the example of others. Role models help us to be more creative, aspire to take that risk that will make all the difference. This is why JADE introduces the Success Stories, with which we aim at collecting each year inspiring experiences from the alumni of our network to showcase how their Junior Enterprise helped them in their career. These stories fuel the junior entrepreneurs’ mindset and encourage them to overcome their next challenges. Each year, a Success Stories booklet is released, containing the most inspiring stories, advice and examples from real entrepreneurs. The network is you. Help us to find the next role model. JADE network is full of creative, innovative and inspiring role models. Those Junior-Entrepreneurs which kept on with the Entrepreneurial spirit, launched their own start-up, or had an amazing corporate career, and kept improving through failure. If you know some of this incredible persons, or if you are one of them, let us know, so their success story can be highlighted to the whole JADE network!

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