Get published

Do you believe your view on the world is worth sharing? Are you one of the Junior Entrepreneurs that have a voice to express their beliefs on entrepreneurship, public affairs or anything raising interest in the European context? It’s time to put your ideas on paper and have your voice heard at European level!

Write an article on the topic of the month, and get published on The European Sting, one of the main newspaper at EU level! JADE and The European Sting give you the opportunity to bring your insights to a European level publication and to represent the voice of your local group or Junior Enterprise, of your Confederation or even of your generation.

The benefits:

  1. Exercise and learn to write in a professional style and for a broad variety of audiences:
  2. Get reference to boost your portfolio:3.Integrated communication support
  3. Get closer to JADE Team

The European Sting and JADE have been partners for quite a long time and share common values for entrepreneurship and education.  As an independent publication, strongly seeking to provide quality, trustworthy content for European citizens, the European Sting has become a very valuable partner for JADE in its saga to give every single young Junior Entrepreneur the chance to speak in front of an entire network.

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