Get on Stage

The Get on Stage Project aims at giving to Junior Enterprises and Junior Entrepreneurs the chance to shine at European level, sharing their best practices and projects.
Have you ever wanted to showcase your Junior Enterprise at European level?
Do you want to give visibility to your best projects and most committed Junior Entrepreneurs?
Do not miss this occasion: bring your JE on stage and show to the entire network the amazing achievements of your Junior Enterprise!
If you have a project you deem extremely successful, a Junior Entrepreneur who achieved amazing results, a success story from your JE, share it with us! How to get started?

  • Choose the project! What do you want to tell the network about? Collect the information about your success!
  • Write the article. Write a short description of your work (max 1 word page) and pick 2 or 3 pictures
  • Share the word! Send us your article, we’ll share it in the entire network!

Find out more here about the project.

Send us your story