Together with the European Institute of Industrial Leadership (EIIL), JADE offers to all its members the opportunity to attend high level workshops with managers from various countries and different industries and backgrounds. These workshops normally cost up to 3.000€ but as a JADE member you can benefit from this partnership for free. Find the list of Workshops offered in 2017 here.

To attend these workshops write an email to from your JE-account with your:

  1. Workshop you are interested in
  2. Dates of your chosen workshop
  3. Updated CV
  4. Junior Enterprise
  5. Name


Nevertheless do not make any travel arrangements if you come from abroad until you get confirmation from EIIL that you are actually registered (a confirmation from EIIL side is sent +- 4 weeks before the workshop). Some workshops require a general workshop before. You should consider this when applying. If you attended basic workshops before, you don’t need to attend them again. Workshops of question are the following:

  1. HPL0 is required to attend HPL 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  2. MCE0 is required to attend MCE 3, 5 and 6


Workshop-days usually start at 8.30am and ends at 5.30pm. Please make sure you attend the whole workshop when you are booking your flight or train. Take your opportunity now, workshops are limited and highly requested! For detailed information please check the official EIIL page.