Opportunity knocking for two marketing champions

If you are great with words both in writing and in speaking this is the opportunity to gain some invaluable experience. Our partner EIIL teamed up with JADE to offer a thorough internship in the promotion field. Half of the week you will work for JADE, attending high level networking events, researching potential partners and accompanying our Director of Private Cooperation to meetings with current and potential partners. The other half you will work for EIIL to help their online promotion team in order to create buzz about their leadership workshops.

All expenses are covered and you will live in one of the nicest areas of Brussels in a beautiful and modern flat (there is a swimming pool in the basement as well), near to the city center. You will need to:
-commit 3-6 months of your time
-be passionate about marketing and promotion
-have an entrepreneurial spark
-be a self starter who isn’t afraid to think out of the box

Apply before the 14th October by sending your CV and motivation letter to eiil@jadenet.org!

Also, if you are interested to participate in one of the best leadership trainings in Europe, the registration for the following workshops is now open:

Designing the Sustainable Organisation (LLT 6) – Den Haag 10-11/10/2016
Multi-Cultural Negotiating & Influencing (MCE 4) – Den Haag  17-18/10/2016
Business Planning (LPG 2) – Leverkusen, Germany 07-08/11/2016
A Teamworking Skills Foundation (HPL 0) – Den Haag  28/11/2016
Leading Teams to Higher Performance (HPL 6) –  Den Haag  29-30/11/2016

Apply by sending your CV to eiil@jadenet.org!