#GetOnStage \ Innovation is the key

From BDSU and CCT


The Junior Enterprise concept is a way to promote innovation and differentiated ideas. Know more about CCT and their motivation for always innovating more.

The German Junior Enterprise from Berlin – @ CCT-Company Consulting Team e.V. – won the JADE Excellence Award for the most innovative project last year. Since their foundation in 1993, CCT stands for innovative ideas and creative approaches. The 80+ students from the Berlin Institute of Technology are very broad-based and able to cover projects in almost all business areas.

With innovative thinking, creativity and agile project management the project team has won the award.
As part of the project, the interfaces between manufacturer and customer were analyzed – the so-called point of sales. In the spirit of digitization, the team from Berlin has developed the prototype for an Augmented Reality – supported app which is now available in the App Store. Even the chief lawyer was overwhelmed by the professional work and the impact this project still has on the company.

BDSU is proud to say that innovation is very strong among the German network.


#GetOnStage showcases success stories from our Junior Enterprises, inspiring students from all Europe to commit themselves to higher achievements.


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