#GetOnStage \ The social project of JEPARMA

From JADE Italia and JEPARMA


A Junior Enterprise generates impact at 3 levels: academia, business world and society. JEPARMA gives an example of how a Junior Enterprise can create value for the society, through a programme with High School students.

Working for the benefit of your own community: this is one of the Junior Enterprise Parma’s goals. In order to do it, they have always worked close to Università degli Studi di Parma and other local institutions. Related to this, last March JEPARMA started a partnership with a local High School within the activity named “Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro” in which each student is required to fill the gap between High School and the working environment. This activity, itself, brought something new to the Junior Enterprise network.

Practically, the project has been articulated in a two weeks period, for a total amount of 50 hours where JEPARMA hosted two students in their office, at the Università degli Studi di Parma’s Business School. The students were totally involved in the Junior Enterprise duties, experiencing its different areas: from Marketing to Human Resources, from Sales to Treasury. The students had the possibility to get into the reality of a company, receiving dedicated training sessions, which are supposed to help them in their choices for their future careers.

The project turned out to be really helpful for these two students, according to their opinion about the importance of the skills they acquired during the period in the Junior Enterprise. The clear success of the initiative, encourage JEPARMA to repeat the programme, not forgetting the importance of generating a positive impact on society. “We strongly recommend each Junior Enterprise to engage in similar activities” – they said. This way, Junior Enterprises are adding, even more, value to our society, strengthening the educational system and preparing the next generations of leaders.


#GetOnStage showcases success stories from our Junior Enterprises, inspiring students from all Europe to commit themselves to higher achievements.


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