#GetOnStage / How an idea becomes a Junior Enterprise within one year

From JADE Italia and JEMIB


How an idea becomes a real Junior Enterprise in just one year: JEMIB – Junior Enterprise Milano Bicocca proves it telling us its story.

Alberto, Alessio, Federico and Marco have been friends and schoolmates for many years. Even though they have undertaken different academic tracks, they have been attending the same campus, Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca: so, the differences have become opportunities.

Hence, in the summer of 2016, after a friendly talk, they decided to take seriously this challenge. Thus, they launched JEMIB – Junior Enterprise Milano Bicocca, following the idea of other students from different universities, who have found a solution to distinguish themselves in a competitive labour market, by an original entrepreneurial experience that offers the chance to develop practical skills.

In few weeks Alberto and his friends got in touch with JADE Italia and recruited other excellent students, who strongly believed in this project; they worked hard for hours and hours, between a coffee and an argument, in order to create an association that followed the standards required by the Italian Confederation of Junior Enterprises. In this way, exploiting the potentialities coming from the different backgrounds of the students, they created the starting core of JEMIB: led by them as members of the board. On the 8th of October, 2016 it was declared Junior Initiative by JADE Italia. It was the first step into the Junior Enterprises network.

The achievement of this goal gave awareness to the project: JEMIB grew fast after that. The members’ dedication and care allowed to overcome difficulties and obstacles to reach the preset aims. In few months JEMIB was declared an association recognized by the university. At the same time, it created its own network in the world of enterprises and business activities in the district, obtaining the trust of managers and entrepreneurs who decided to believe in this young and innovative reality.

During the Spring, the initial structure of 17 students increased. Thanks to a successful communication campaign aimed at the recruitment of new talented resources, an accurate selection process finished with the growth of the association to 34 members.

In the Autumn 2017 other talented students will come in JEMIB, and they will be characterized by that entrepreneurial spirit that has led JEMIB to apply for becoming Junior Enterprise in this October. Indeed, this application was successful and JEMIB is the most recent Junior Enterprise in the Italian network – just one year after its foundation.


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