Join us in The New Europe Business Forum in Zagreb!


The New Europe Business Forum (NEBF) is an interdisciplinary event, organized by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, which aims to gather leaders from various fields (business, politics, sports, arts, science) once a year in Croatia to discuss and debate on various topics ranging from entrepreneurship, leadership and scientific innovation to macro-economic trends and geo-political events.

The mission of the New Europe Business Forum is to help participants lead more effectively and meet the challenges of today’s global business environment by exposing them to innovative thinking from various fields.

In addition to providing a platform aimed at generating, conceptualizing and promoting innovative ideas, the New Europe Business Forum will also be an inspirational and transformational learning experience for its participants.

One of the most unique aspects of the NEBF will be its audience. We aim to gather a mix of movers and shakers from around the world, ranging from business executives and scientists to pop artists and students who are each shaping their respective business, intellectual, and cultural landscapes.

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management will organize an international student competition in order to select the group of best students from around the world who will be awarded an invitation for the Forum.

By enabling these students to attend this high profile event and interact with leaders of today, we hope to inspire them to become catalysts of positive change in their respective environments.

NEBF 2015 keynote speakers are:

Jan Mühlfeit (former CEO, Microsoft Europe) will be speaking about the exponential technology and the role it already plays in transforming the way we live, do business, transmit knowledge, etc.

Einars Repše (former Latvian PM and Minister of Finance) will speak on the topic of political leadership. During his mandate, Latvia has gone through a difficult time of the recession (decrease in GDP of nearly 20% in 2009), to the fastest growing economy in the EU in 2013 (+ 5.5% GDP growth). Why this topic is very interesting can be read in this article by the Economist.

Didier Sornette (Professor, ETH Zurich) who will speak about his cutting-edge research on the predictability of financial crises. He delivered a popular TED talk on this topic.

Robert Swan, the first explorer who walked to both the North and South Poles, awarded the Order of the British Empire OBE and will speak on the topic: “Leadership on the edge!”

Ryan Leslie, graduated from Harvard University, became a music producer, rapper and entrepreneur individually developing a new business model that could revolutionize the music industry.

Siniša Krajnović, Vice President and Head of Development Unit Radio at Ericsson AB,Stockholm, Sweden

We are confident that, regardless of your background, you will find something interesting at this event.

Join NEBF Challenge, the biggest student competition in the South East region until March, 27 and win an invitation to the New Europe Business Forum!

We look forward to seeing you in Zagreb in May.