JADE wins the 2012 Youth Employability Awards!

November 27th was a great day for our network since, during the European Employability Forum 2012, JADE was awarded the 2012 Youth Employability Awards in the category “Driving Youth Entrepreneurship” by the hand of  Olivier Gillerot, President of Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg, Philippe Michecoppin, International Mobility Director of the Adecco Group and Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman of Microsoft Europe.

The Award aims to recognise the most relevant NGOs in the field of entrepreneurship and development of youth competencies, bringing actionable solutions in Europe to bridge the so controversial skills gap for today’s youth. JADE was awarded for its effort to develop and expand the Junior Enterprise concept in all Europe. Being present in 14 countries, JADE represents more than 20,000 motivated students who set up and manage around 280 non-profit SMEs, SMEs that aim to make a real impact on society by empowering young people and providing them with an entrepreneurship mindset and the skills that they will need for the challenging job market that awaits them after graduation.

JADE is very proud for its network and would like to thank all Junior Entrepreneurs who make this possible and who everyday dedicate so much time and effort to fostering this amazing concept all around the world!