JADE at European Business Summit 2014

Every five years, Europe enjoys a significant moment that dictates its political agenda and future priorities. At the end of May, the European Parliament elections will take place and the new President of the European Commission will be appointed. During this month many, political debates and discussion will be taking place all around Europe and Brussels, having as primary aim to highlight Europe’s challenges, such as youth unemployment.

JADE at European Business Summit 2013 - EBS

Fabiola Esposito, Head of Public Affairs of JADE 2013; Markus Beyrer, Director General of BUSINESS EUROPE and Victor Soto, Vice-President of JADE 2014

For the 4th year in a row, JADE has been invited to participate at the European Business Summit (EBS). The 12th Edition will take place between the 4th– 15th of May 2014, in Brussels. This event is the largest and most influential Business Forum in Europe, an annual appointment where international business and European politics shape the future and set the agenda for the coming years. The summit welcomes every year around 1,500 high-level participants: 52% from the business world, 17% are policy makers and 10% from academia and NGOs.

This year’s theme, “The Business Agenda 2014 – 2019: Rebuilding a Competitive Europe”, is shaped around the above-mentioned challenge, unemployment. This is a significant opportunity for business leaders to present their priorities and to look beyond the crisis and towards a more competitive and better functioning Europe.  The summit will have three main focus areas as it follows. First of all, it will be directed at encouraging business leaders to engage more with EU policy makers. Then, it also intends to be representative for Europe in terms of business speakers and participation, in order to develop a real pan-European business dialogue. Last, but not least, it aims at being dynamic in the issues it tackles and its associated studies/surveys.

European Business Summit is gathering around 100 speakers in 20 sessions, covering topics such as the digital economy, boosting industrial policy, financing innovation, energy strategy for Europe, international trade and bridging the skills gap. JADE will be present as a supporting partner of the event, by giving a valuable contribution in the discussions, representing the voice of all Junior Entrepreneurs to business leaders and policy makers.

You can find more details at http://bit.ly/1h9Fm5y.