JADE October Meeting 2013: four days, three events, one experience

The beginning of October brought 25 of the most dedicated Junior Entrepreneurs to Brussels for the long-expected JADE October Meeting. Between the 3rd and the 6th of October, the International Managers of our Members, and some of their Presidents, got together for four days of international exchange and cooperation. 

The autumn is known to be rich; and the representatives of JADE’s Members played their part in this autumn’s abundance by attending the JADE October Meeting 2013. The first day was completely dedicated to the International Managers, all of them taking part in the International Managers Training at JADE Headquarters. They got familiarized with the network and found out more about all the other national confederations, JADE’s three-year strategy and the main focus areas of the organisation in the following year. The teambuilding sessions were an important part as well, where the participants managed to get to know each other better while working in teams to complete the tasks.

The next day, the fourth edition of Generations Club started! The participants shared their knowledge regarding the labour market and all the challenges it might pose in the near future. The event was organised together with the European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL) and aimed at building bridges between the senior and the junior generation, in order to foster an entrepreneurial society.

The young enthusiasts, coming from 13 European and non-European countries, ran a series of interviews, at EUROCHAMBERS offices, following EIIL’s master class methodology, to gather information about the demand and the supply of skills on the labour market. Afterwards, they tried to come up with solutions to the mismatch between the two. The main questions? On the demand side, they focused on the requirements of the changing labour markets and on the supply side, the main point of interest was the educational and development sector. The hot topic, the engaged speakers and the dynamic exchanges came together to shape a successful event.  Our thanks go to: Dr. Saba Mazza, founder of WindNrg and memeber of European Baha’i Business Forum, Ms. Eli Daphi, Communications Manager at MADI Group, Mr. Joseph Elborn, consultant at Harwood Levitt Consulting and Mr. Marko Curavic, head of Entrepreneurship unit at DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission.

Finally, the participants connected all the gathered information to find the solution for bridging the gap between the educational system and the demand of the labour market. What should be done to make sure that the universities will provide the economies with the right people, who have acquired the right skills during their studies? According to the bright attendants, the answer could be seen from two perspectives. Firstly, the communication between the universities and the companies should play the most important part, in the sense that companies would have to always communicate about their needs in order to shape the educational system. In that case, the universities should react and tailor the programmes they offer in such way to please the demand of the job market. The second important direction was represented by the non-formal education, which was mentioned in one way or another by all the present speakers. They all recognized the great potential of the extra-curricular activities, especially since they help the students gather practical experience in a world where all the employers ask for it. Thus, education would meet the requirements of the economy by supplying what the industries need.

On Saturday, the focus switched back to JADE during the General Assembly. The highlights of the meeting were the updates coming from every country, where everybody talked about their activities, their successes, but also challenges; and the session about the Annual Plan of 2014. The most anticipated moment was choosing the organiser of the JADE May Meeting 2014. There was a tight fight between the three applicants: JADE Poland, Confédération Nationale des Junior Entreprises (CNJE), the French Confederation, and ESME, a Junior Enterprise part of the Spanish confederation. The winner was CNJE and the meeting will take place in France! Another important moment was the discussion about JADE’s Public Affairs, mentioning our participation in the upcoming European Development Days (EDD), which will take place on the 26th and 27th of November in Brussels. Since it started, over 1800 speakers participated in the 7 editions of the event: from Heads of State to community service officers, Nobel laureates or project managers. This year, JADE alongside UNIDO and SOS, will organise a panel about enhancing employability and self-employment as a solution to youth employment.

Four days, three events, one experience for all of our participants! It was a weekend full of exchange, debates and important decisions regarding the future of JADE, the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises. Many thanks to our Members: BDSU (Germany), CNJE (France), CEJE (Spain), JADE Austria, JADE Belgium, JADE ItalyJADE Poland, JADE Portugal, JADE Romania, JADE Switzerland, UniPartners (Netherlands), UniQue Albania, WBC UK!