JADE & Microsoft Alliance: Collaborating through concrete projects


pm workflowAs part of of the JADE-Microsoft Alliance Agreement, Microsoft gave UniPartners Netherlands the opportunity to participate in an innovative project involving students and Junior Entrepreneurs.

The aim of the project was to assess how students could use the Microsoft OneNote software as almost every student owns a Microsoft Office package, but no one uses OneNote.The project managers’ goal was to show how students could use it during their study, their daily lives and in their daily work as a JEur.They thus formed a taskforce of five members, 3 from UniPartners Amsterdam’s Board (UPA) and 2 members of UniPartners’ marketing committee for the project to start in March and to last a month.

After a series of tests on the potential uses they could have of the software, they created a Facebook page to share the result of their research. They added detailed elements such as instructions videos and pictures on the page that reached 1300 followers during the project.

Project managers claimed that “they really used the phones and the software in their daily lives and work”. For instance, minutes for the board of UPA were made via OneNote. Besides, they were able to share the minutes directly with all the members, as they wmicrosfotere saved in the cloud in order for all members to have access all the time, even through their phones. The marketing committee also used their map to share ideas of how to promote UPA.

They concluded that OneNote could be very useful when it came to sharing texts, pictures, videos and maps to their boards, and that it could easily be applied to their personal lives. They noted that only a few people knew about the software and that it was still a challenge for Microsoft to make it famous and recognized.

Both project team and Microsoft were highly satisfied about the experience as they had to “deliver real results to Microsoft” and “enjoyed having all the autonomy and trust they needed to do so”.

Should you want to take a look at the results of the project, please visit the MakeOneNote Facebook group and become a member here.