JADE May Meeting – 5th Anniversary of JADE Romania and the New Executive Board of JADE elected

Last weekend One Big Team met in one of the most beautiful cities of Romania, Cluj, for one of the milestones of the year: JADE May Meeting 2015. The event happened simultaneously with the National Meeting of JADE Romania. Thus, the National Confederation joint forces with a Junior Enterprise from Cluj-Napoca, Theory and Practice Consult to set the scene for an international happening filled with Romanian Junior Entrepreneurs.

JADE Vice President, Alexandru Ene, presenting Summer JADE Meeting

A milestone event

Why was the event a milestone? Each year, the Executive Board of JADE changes in Summer May Meeting, but the selection of the future leaders happens much earlier, before May. The process culminates at the General Assembly of May Meeting, when candidates present their final proposal of their team, already structured on desired positions, departments, and even country divisions. The vote for the new Executive Board was positive, so 5 experienced Junior Entrepreneurs will move to Brussels in July to run the network starting with the 1st of August.

The successful candidates are:

Daniela Runchi President, Private Cooperation (JADE Italia)
Marion Depouilly Vice President, Network Quality (CNJE – France)
Kassandra Petersen Vice President, Public Affairs Policy (BDSU – Germany)
Constantin Gross Secretary General, Events (BDSU – Germany)
Pierre-Louis Vanantwerpen Treasurer, Public Affairs Events (JADE Belgium)

The event started with an Opening Conference on entrepreneurial policy making, were the President of JADE, Ioana David, shared the Junior Entrepreneur perspective on national policies with the panelists, among which there was the Romanian Secretary of State for SMEs.

Ioana David commented on the need to create more opportunities for entrepreneurs, but to also make those opportunities visible to ones who need them, especially students eager to start in their life on their own.

The General Assembly and the workshops happened in parallel like in most of national JADE meetings. The National Meeting of JADE Romania was, this year, the only national event designed to have all content in English. Both Romanian and international Junior Entrepreneurs could attend the same workshops, on topics such as sales and time management.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly was not only about the new Executive Board. A lot of other interesting topics completed the agenda, reaching from financial sustainability to integration of the network at International Managers’ level. A great addition was the presentation of NEXT Junior Enterprise from Croatia, who brought 5 people from their team to present their evolution on the Maturity Model (JADE standard tool for measuring the evolution of a Junior Initiative towards a Junior Enterprise), where they are currently at level 3.

NEXT JE presentation

One of the most important topics on the agenda was the screening on JADE Strategy 2016-2019. During the past months, JADE President, Ioana David, coordinated the analysis of current situation of the network and set the general lines for an evaluation methodology that includes all major stakeholders. The results and future actions were presented on the 15th of May.

Moving forward, intense discussions were carried on around the projects of the 2015 Annual Plan, as the representatives were asked to evaluate their potential and benefit score for the network and the confederations. In order to make a step forward to the integration of the Members, the General Assembly voted for a pilot project to bring a delegate from among the International Managers to be more present in the activity of JADE Headquarters and thus increase the level of transparency.

Further on, the applicants for JADE October Meeting presented their proposals for the first meeting of JADE ExBo 2016. Junior Entreprises Nantes (JEN), an association of 4 French Junior Enterprises won the chance to organise the event, due to their professionalism and strong motivation to show French JEs in the region that working together could turn out extremely beneficial.

Celebrating 5 years

The ending moment of the last night had a magic of its own, as the new Executive Board of JADE Romania was also announced, followed by the speeches of the last team. We would like to congratulate Sergiu Nelepcu (President), Alexandra Ursu (Secretary General) and Andra Oancea (Treasurer and International Manager) and to wish them a strong year ahead.

The new ExBo of JADE Romania, from left to right: Sergiu Nelepcu, Andra Oancea, Alexandra Ursu

JADE Romania is the youngest confederation in the network, yet is present in 2 major cities and regions of the country and has promising partnerships with international consultancies such as Amaris.

Theory and Practice Consult is the only Junior Enterprise in Cluj Napoca, the cultural capital of Transilvania and the European Youth Capital of 2015.

Thanks to Theory and Practice Consult, JADE Romania, the partners, International Managers and the Junior Entrepreneurs that attended the event, we are pleased to say that it will not be our last time to Romania.

Follow THIS link for more pictures from the event.

Together we grow!