JADE and QuickSLIDE became partners!

JADE and QuickSlide are now partners!

QuickSlide is the leading PowerPoint add-on for efficiency, design and slide management. QuickSlide users typically are medium-sized and large organizations, which have their fully customized corporate version of QuickSlide. Members of the JADE network benefit from a QuickSlide version that is specifically tailored to the needs of consultants and works well with different corporate designs.


QuickSlide is a product by Strategy Compass. The people at Strategy Compass are convinced that good presentations achieve a great deal. They have experienced this themselves, over many years as managers and consultants. And they also know how hard it is to create good presentations in everyday business life. Therefore, with a team of top software developers, designers and trainers, Strategy Compass has built a comprehensive portfolio of products and services around business presentations.

They help many of the world’s leading companies to get things moving. And they help JADE members to deliver convincing presentations to their clients.

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If you want to find out more about QuickSlide, you can access the following links:

If you wish to know more about the partnership, you can contact JADE’s President.