JADE Alumni stand out in EC Research on Effect and Impact of Entrepreneurship Education

European Commission believed that an assessment of the impact of entrepreneurship education at the level of educational institutions can determine the degree to which it has accomplished its objectives and it justifies the resources committed to it. It was for this purpose, a research was conducted on effects and impact of entrepreneurship programmes in higher education.

The research focused on the impact of entrepreneurship education programmes provided by higher education institutions on four dimensions:

  • Impact on the entrepreneurship key competence;
  • Impact on the intentions towards entrepreneurship;
  • Impact on the individual’s employability;
  • Impact on society and the economy.

This study is based on a survey among  alumni of higher education institutions in Europe
Europe who have attended entrepreneurship education and a control group of alumni that have not participated in this type of education.

The results presented in the study (Download the EC Research)show clearly that entrepreneurship education makes a difference. JADE Alumni who went through entrepreneurial programmes and activities display more entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions, get a job earlier after finishing their studies, can innovate more even as employees in a firm, and start more companies.

A quick glance at the info graphics below would show you how an experience in a Junior Enterprise gives you an edge over others, those who do not have an experience in a Junior Enterprise.