International Opportunities – Promotion Programme & JE Exchange!

The rising of new countries and the development of new programs might be confusing for those who are not deeply involved with the international part of the Junior Enterprise Movement.
Therefore, we aim here to explain the differences between the Promotion, Godmother and the Exchange Program for those Junior Entrepreneurs who want to connect themselves or their Junior Enterprises with Junior Entrepreneurs from different countries.

Firstly, the Promotion Program is a continuous initiative for which everyone that wants to participate can join. The aim of the program is to have former junior entrepreneurs that are participating on Erasmus or that are living abroad and are able to contact foreign universities in order to take the JE Concept to places in which is not yet present. Although everybody is welcome to take part in it, the focus is bringing people to countries with no consolidated national confederations. To know more about the Promotion Program, visit JADE webpage.

On the other hand, the Exchange Program is a new program which had its beta version during the beginning of 2017. Four countries were involved and 15 people took part either travelling to other countries or welcoming those travellers. The beta version was very successful and the next edition is already being organized for the first and second semester of the 2018. The value proposition of the program is to make your vacations unique by bringing together both the sightseeing and fun part with the professional and personal development through the contact with Junior Enterprises of your local destination. If you are planning to travel abroad during your next vacations or if you want to welcome a foreigner Junior Entrepreneur in your home get more information here. However, be fast! The last call deadline is coming soon.

Finally, the Godmother Program aims to connect Junior Enterprises from different countries through online meetings. The established connections can follow two models. The first one is the original godmother format, in which one strong JE supports and mentor the youngest one. There is also the possibility of having two high-level JEs connecting themselves as a sister, in a format which there is a more leveled exchange of information and best practices. For now, there is no forecast regarding a next edition but we are working to bring an excellent program for you soon.

If you want to know more about JADE and the Junior Enterprise Global Council programs keep an eye on our social media!