Impressions on Microsoft’s IAMCP

Microsoft is always a great event organizer. This time we were at the pan-European app competition’s finals that were help in Brussels, at the Microsoft Innovation Center. Anyone with a cool app could participate in the competition, which made it great for our tech savvy Junior Entrepreneurs.

The categories were B2C, B2B and Microsoft Citynext, where we had 3 finalists per category.

In each category there was a pleasant diversity of ideas but also of backgrounds and demographics. I cannot hide that my favorites were by far the ones presented by youth.

It was so refreshing that after the organizational catastrophe from GEC to see a well put together stage, awesome pitching and great content from the start-uppers to the audience.

From my personal favorite I would mention the Urban DeNoiser from IT for You, the winner of the B2C category. This is an app that would be available in stores 4 days from now. The app analyses the environment from a sound point of view and adjusts the balances of noise and quality of sound, so that you only hear what you want to hear in your headphones.  They made a demo on stage and it was amazing, great app to use in crowded places or busy offices to be able to focus on your business call for example. They announced that they will also work on integrating this app with music apps, such as Spotify or Deezer, to enhance the musical experience.

A cool pair that presented is the Lithuanian brothers that developed a really cool augmented reality game, called Monster Buster, which unfortunately is available only for Windows phones. You scan the room for “monsters”, you chose a person that transforms into a monster in the game and you fight them. Awesome. Would totally use it to get some steam off.

In the B2B corner we had an amazing interactive learning app – Corinth Education, who was also the winner of the category. They developed interactive software that allows learning about nature in a dynamic way. The amount of details of the app was staggering. Second to that, in my opinion, was the Russian graphs and charts app – Grapholite – super user friendly app that comes in aid to diagram lovers on all mobile platforms. They actually developed a sick algorithm (that they find out on stage they can patent and sell the license for more than the app itself) that when repositioning an object recalculates the position before releasing the element.

For the City Next category, apps for a better urban experience, the winner was Medihoo, a medical care help app. Medihoo is a platform that brings together medical facilities of all kind, from pharmacies to dental offices to emergency rooms and directs you to the closest one depending on your need. Medihoo’s business plan is actually based on the owners of those practices and for interest groups, such as health insurance companies who need to pay to have access to the platform and promote their business. In my opinion this was the truest showcase on entrepreneurial attitude – finding a problem that the community has, solving it and helping entrepreneurs in the medical world to reach their audience and grow their business.