What is the impact of Junior Enterprises?

What is the impact of Junior Enterprises?

In 2012 the European Commission conducted a study that involved Alumni of the Junior Enterprises as well as former regular students.

The study, that you can find at this link, showed that JEs are effective in fostering youth employment, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, company creation and skills development.

This year, our goal is to update the study with new data.

What is the impact of Junior Enterprises?

Why is this important?

This project has a strategic importance for the Junior Enterprise movement and all the Junior Enterprises:

  • To be able to show your potential partners the added value of Junior Entrepreneurs
  • To be able to showcase to clients the effectiveness of the JE concept in answering their questions
  • To get in touch with new clients and organizations
  • To support the national and international recognition of the Junior Enterprise concept and the development of new Junior Enterprises
Are you a Junior Entrepreneur? You can contribute by:
  • Sharing the survey with the Alumni of your JE
  • Promoting it actively on your JE’s channels
  • Sharing our communication concerning the project

The survey is available here: www.tinyurl.com/JADEEEPHE

The study is anonymous, but you can subscribe to receive the results.

Be responsible: share the word!