Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer is a boot camp of one week to teach Junior Entrepreneurs how to train other Junior Entrepreneurs.
TtT is a project dedicated to Junior Entrepreneurs who also want to contribute to multiplying the knowledge within the network and the possibility for the participants to be part of the JADE Pool of Trainers.

The goal is to apply the methods learned in TtT and deliver within the country or at international level workshops.
After having gained more experience Trainers will deliver to clients as well.

The key words in this training are: peer learning, extra-curricular training activities and lifelong learning.
Peer learning means that the participants play the main role in reaching the outcomes and the trainers act as a facilitator. The trainers plan a structured framework around popular theories related to the topic of the training and the actual learning happens through interactive work, such as discussions and exercises, so the participants are able to learn from each others’ knowledge and experience.

The people in charge of the training, the trainers, will in most cases have been educated to train others i.e. learned about different learning styles, facilitation, how to construct a training and how to conduct it.