Global Journeys: Learn about the International Enlargement Journey

Brasil Júnior and Eureca held the first international Junior Enterprise Enlargement Journey in the Americas.

In 2016, in Brazil, we finally accomplished our goal to be present in all of the states of the Northeast and Center-West region. Moreover, we have started 2017 confederating 2 states in the North, the last region to be taken by the Junior Enterprise Movement. All in all, we have doubled in size in a few years,generating now more impact than ever before.

That having said, Brasil Júnior results drives us to consider how big could we have become if the whole world were enlarging in the same rhythm. Aware of their role in breaking national frontiers and bringing this growth to other countries, Brasil Júnior Ambassadors together with the Global Junior Enterprise leaderships have been investing a lot of effort to make the Movement more representative around the world.

In this context, the first edition of the Global Journeys, a project created in partnership between Eureca, JE USA and Brasil Júnior, was designed to lead the development and sharing of experience to young people around the world, having its first stop in the U.S.

The project represented a first step towards reducing the distances of international enlargement work, contributing more and more to the globalization of the Junior Enterprise Movement! And to take this first step in the role, the ambassadors of Brasil Junior and Eureca, a Brazilian company that brings young energy to the world of work, joined forces to structure a program of visits and workshops with 5 Junior Enterprises, from the East to the West Coast of the United States,. With the goal of developing Junior Initiatives and Enterprises and consolidating the Junior Enterprise Movement in the US, the program has gone through Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, Davis and San Diego. In each city, they sought to collaborate and facilitate the construction of the identity of the American Confederation of Junior Enterprises, helping them to find their purpose and bringing awareness to the importance and responsibility of the role of initiating the Movement in the country. Based on Eureca’s personal and professional development methodologies, the Global Journey has made US Junior Entrepreneurs see the Junior Enterprise as an opportunity to explore their benefits. The result was the beginning of the formation of committed entrepreneurs capable of delivering their potential impacting the American society. An unequivocal example can be seen from the testimony of the President of JE USA – American Confederation of Junior Enterprises, Vitor Valentim: “The visits from Global Journeys were of tremendous impact. It engaged each Junior Enterprise in a process of self-discovery to pinpoint specific weak links and develop strategies to move forward and promote stronger organizational culture.” “Global Journeys’ visits have had tremendous impact: they have engaged each Junior Company in a self-discovery process to identify specific pains and develop a strategy to overcome them and promote a stronger organizational culture”

The Junior Enterprise Movement arrived in the United States after the arrival of Professor Dave Goldberg of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign attended JEWC 12 in Paraty. Fascinated by the concept and purpose he witnessed in Brazil, he decided to implement it in the United States by supporting the foundation of the first JE, CUBE Consulting. Now, once again, Brasil Júnior collaborates to consolidate the Junior Enterprise Movement in the United States, acting as the main actor for the formation of a cohesive and growing movement in the Americas. In addition, the arrival of the Junior Enterprise Concept in the United States opens important doors to the global Junior Enterprise Movement within the American ecosystem. The International Enlargement work of the Junior Enterprise Movement has achieved important results in the recent past, due to the founding of the Global Council of Junior Enterprises, founded in JEWC 16, which is now responsible for the globalization of the Junior Enterprise Movement. JEGC aims to confederate 10 new countries by 2018! That means almost doubling the number of national confederations in 3 years and good steps have already been taken that way. These advances range from the conquest of major confederations in Africa, such as Cameroon and Morocco, to a huge step forward in the Americas, which a year ago had only 15 initiatives and JEs in non-confederated countries, now there are more than 50! Connected by the same challenge, the United States, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and Colombia are striding to the formation of an American community of junior companies, joining the already confederated Brazil and Canada.These are only the first steps to make the role of Junior Brazil in the global Junior Enterprise Movement become more relevant and generate even more impact! In times of international crises, the Junior Enterprise Movement brings to the world the spirit of collaboration and reciprocity. From the unrestricted exchange of information, we train better and provide the best services to the market, forming excellent leaders and disseminating knowledge to society. You and the entire Global Junior Enterprise Movement are already part of this!

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