#GetOnStage \ Challenge your JE to work with a big company

From JADE Poland and YPI Consulting


There are two periods in the year at YPI when the number of negotiations increases rapidly – January/February and May/June. Similar situation was also in 2016. In addition, clients want everything to be done very quickly, regardless the amount of work. YPI Consulting usually provides services for small and medium-sized enterprises, however, an opportunity that arose in winter of 2016 could not be missed. There was an email from a very large logistic company, with information about interest in YPI services.

Deep changes were also done in YPI at that time. The scope of the provided services was updated: past/current projects were analysed and actions aimed at improving quality were taken. Part of the team was also renewed.  New and ambitious people were welcomed and trained to be able to be part of the projects’ teams.

Meanwhile, conversations with the client have begun. Exchange of e-mails, phone conversations, working out a plan and scope of research that were supposed to be conducted. At B2B services providers, such situations are typical. However, negotiations with a large company for organization consisting of a dozens of students are really something unique. The collaboration started.

Raben Logistics provides its services in 12 European countries. It is a family company with 85 years of history on the market. The recommendations caused that YPI was entrusted with conducting research. This project has made YPI team more confident, believing in power of cooperation. It was a big challenge that reminded the team that some times it is better to risk and aspire something bigger, new heights.

YPI received many recommendations from their clients and partners in more than 10 years of activity. These recommendations make clients certain ofthe right choice.


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