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WTT – Wearable Tech Torino, is the first exhibition in Europe dedicated to wearable technologies, entirely organized and managed by university students.
WWT is a two-day event which took place at the Lingotto Fiere in Turin on the 20th and 21st of November 2015.
J.E.To.P., Junior Enterprise Turin Polytechnic – is a Junior Enterprise, a non-profit and apolitical association run by students with the objective of creating a direct contact between university and the world of work. JEToP’s team, made exclusively of students of the Polytechnic of Turin, has learned to take the best capabilities of each member in order to offer the best opportunities for everyone; these skills are then extended to include exchanges of experience with other JEs and trainings followed by partner companies. Our main objective is to put our knowledge at the clients’ disposition in order to achieve concrete results, that created all this: 48 hours of exhibition, 28 talks and 6 workshops that brought more than 6,000 visitors, a number that satisfied and exceeded all expectations.


In order to be an event truly dedicated to all interests, a Hackathon took place the previous week. Thanks to the support of STMicroelectronics, Treatabit and I3P (Incubator of Innovative Enterprises of the Politecnico di Torino) new ideas and valid prototypes within the wearable field were conceived: the winning teams had the opportunity to present themselves and their project during the closing conference on Saturday.

The Pavilion 5 of the Lingotto Fiere is one of the most important Italian exhibition venues and it is literally dressed in innovation. The large relax area was furnished with elegant creations in fiber optics by Dreamlux, and hosted demonstrations of fighting with lightsabers held by Ludosport and also a show based on generative music by ReacTJ, directly from Italy’s got Talent.
There was also great enthusiasm created by Smart Glasses, Google Cardboards and Oculus Rift, but the importance of the wearable world for what concerns the progress of human life was genuinely highlighted by the presence of INAIL (National Institute for Insurance of Occupational Accidents) and interventions such as that of Giancarlo Orsini, Mediolanum Manager, and Paolo Pari, CEO of HeadApp. There has been a great amount of in-depth analysis of how wearable technology is not limited to entertainment, but indeed has great importance in the medical field, such as the prosthetic devices and innovative objects that are dedicated to monitor our health and safety in the world, where the integration between man and machine is made possible by tools like Eye4Security of HeadApp, which aim towards facilitating the work of the supervising bodies.

The main purpose of the WTT was to increase awareness of wearable technology, but it also turned out to be a great opportunity for networking in the Piedmont Region for the 26 exhibiting companies, including 7 start-ups that were hosted in theInnovation LAB with its slogan : “without innovation there is no future”.


In this space products such as HIRIS, Air and SheCall, had the chance to impress the visitors. HIRIS, “Versatile. Expandable. Made in Italy “, is the first wearable computer. The purpose of this lovely object is to capture the movements and health data of the user in order to monitor and improve their lifestyle. While HIRIS proves itself efficient for its Air Touch function, which makes it extremely useful while driving, contact with the body is the strength of Aria, the intelligent sole, a tool that will revolutionize the relationship with personal trainers and doctors. Last but not least, SheCall, what will become every woman’s best friend, created to not leave them alone in potentially dangerous situations.

The wearables are the next step of technology in everyday life, which is why this is a great starting point to revolutionize what is the Italian business sector.
The Piedmontese capital believes a lot in this event, and it offered the WTT the possibility of an extraordinary first edition, an important gym to improve what will be the second edition.


The event was planned throughout an entire year, starting from simple yet original ideas. It was developed starting from a clearly defined structure based on three key words – interact, discover and learn – intertwining different fields such as Medical & wellness, Future & Innovation, Fashion & Smart textiles, Start-Up & New Economy, but all of this was done with one final goal: the consumer world.
Wearable technologies are not mere science fiction, but a reality on which the public needs more information, that is why it was important to interact directly, observing and testing the exhibited devices, to discover, through the words of the great innovators, entrepreneurs and experts such as Matteo Stoppa, Fabien Castanier, Software Design Manager at STMicroeletronics and Marzio Riboldi, Samsung Designer, and to learn, by putting yourself to the test through the workshops held by members of the GDG Turin, such as Luca Pezzolla and MBPs, among which Marco Minerva.