#GetOnStage \ How will the future interior of self-driving cars be designed?

From BDSU and Janus Consultants e.V.


How will the future interior of self-driving cars be designed?

The JE from Hannover @Janus Consultants e.V. was asked to answer this question in one of their recent projects. The expectations for the interior design of self-propelled cars were investigated using customer surveys. The goal was to clarify performance characteristics which are worthwhile in today’s discussions.

This customer survey consisted 3 different parts. In the first part, the construction of the interior design was focused. New storage concepts for personal belongings (smartphone etc.) were targeted. A high potential for optimization, especially for laptops, was identified with customer feedback.

In the second part, improving the efficiency of the time while driving was analyzed. This included the fusion of driving and working. Thus, e-mails and calls during the journey should be easily answered.

In the last part, general ideas of the conception of an autonomous car were collected. Only a small proportion of the respondents expressed negative emotions towards autonomous driving.

On the whole, this project looked at a current issue in the automotive sector and represents the innovative spirit of the BDSU.


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