#GetOnStage – Academy Consult goes South Africa

You love the Junior Enterprise Spirit? So do we! That is why we found the first student-run consulting firm in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We – Lisa, Maternus, Julian, Damian and Paul, all members of Academy Consult Munich – have been planning on this project since July 2016 and finally flew to Johannesburg in March 2017. The day after our arrival, we started contacting companies, marketing on campus and building up a brand for The Consulting Academy.

With the JE concept, we want to close the gap between students and companies and therefore counteract the high unemployment rate among youth in South Africa. Most students here are lacking practical experience and are then struggling to find a job once they graduate. Companies usually require three to five years of practical experience, which a graduate doesn’t have, because nobody wants to give it to them in the first place – and that is exactly the challenge we want to overcome.

By now, we have successfully recruited 19 very passionate and diverse local students from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. After going through training for two weekends, all Trainees are working on a training project and some are even staffed on their first external project already. Last week we elected our new Heads of Departments and are confident to have found talented and ambitious successors, who will make The Consulting Academy grow. Also, we have gained Roche Diagnostics South Africa as a partner and are negotiating with many more.

You want to find out more about The Consulting Academy Johannesburg? Find us on Facebook @consultingacademy or check out our website www.theconsultingacademy.co.za

Since we are all still enrolled students in Germany, it is time for us to go back to Munich in the end of June. We have built up a solid foundation for a sustainable The Consulting Academy, however, we want get more experience and knowledge to Johannesburg – and this is where we need

YOU: You like the idea, are up to a challenge and want to gain practical experience in South Africa? Come and support our local Junior Enterprise with your experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us via lisa.sogerer@consultingacademy.co.za