France, CNJE: A unique congress with 115 Junior Enterprises willing to improve and develop new skills


These are 1,000 students, all Junior-Entrepreneurs who met on 8, 9 and 10 May 2015 to get trained and meet others, some have been rewarded alongside partners such as BNP Paribas, Alten, EY, PEPITE, ANDRH, and many professionals.


Junior Enterprises found themselves alongside professionals willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Aware of the business mechanisms, these Junior Entrepreneurs benefited from a wide range of trainings – a total of 56 courses offered – enabling them to acquire new skills, learn beyond their field, and develop their associations. Thus, there are 93 hours of training that was provided and 6 round tables to encourage exchanges.

Trainings were provided by the Confederation of Junior Enterprise France (CNJE) and by professionals in order to help Junior Enterprises to improve and develop new skills. Many workshops have attracted the attention of Junior Entrepreneurs, as the “Business Development Workshop” with ENGIE, former GDF SUEZ, or “The Change Management” with ANDRH. But also training around the “Management Team / High Performing Team” with EY or “Body’s Pitch” with H2H.

With committed partners

A recruitment forum was also organized in collaboration with BNP Paribas, ALTEN and EY, with the intention to encourage Junior-Entrepreneurs to meet their partners and discuss their career prospects! Many internships and job offers have been proposed by companies.

ESCadrille Junior Enterprise from Toulouse Business School wins Excellence Award (Prix d’Excellence)

Rewarded by premium partners of Junior Enterprises: BNP Paribas, ALTEN and EY and by Les Echos, the Excellence Award (Prix d’Excellence) recognizes the best Junior Enterprise in France. The aim of this award is to value each year within the movement the most successful Junior Enterprises so that they can benefit other structures from their experience. This year ESCadrille becomes the best Junior Enterprise in France!

Finally, it is also 5 labels that were awarded to recompense Junior Enterprises in various fields.

COMMUNICATION LABEL: awarded by ANDRH, TBWA, The Economist and won by Junior-Communication CELSA.

LABEL ENGINEERING: awarded by ALTEN, IESF and won by ENVOL Junior Etudes ENAC.

LABEL HIGH POTENTIAL: awarded by Engie, formerly GDF SUEZ, Journal des Grandes Ecoles et Universités, Small Iz Beautiful and won by Etudes et Projets Mines St. Etienne.

LABEL COMMERCIAL and LABEL ENTREPRENEUR: awarded by EY, The Sphinx, The Student, PACE, BNP Paribas, Paris & Co and won by ESCadrille.

The event in pictures