Why having a Junior Enterprise?

There are many reasons why we believe Junior Enterprises should be more spread across universities in Europe: the presence of a JE increases the employability of the students, allow them to develop new skills, to get an international experience and exposure to companies from all around the continent.

In addition, it is a unique opportunity to foster collaboration among students and to make their university experience worth remembering. Find out more in the boxes below!

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What a JE brings

Find out what Junior Enterprises foster

Students development

The very mission of a Junior Enterprise is to foster the skills of their members. Personal development is one of our values, and we strive to achieve always better results. Our students are exposed to a number of high-value experiences that will help them to develop their skills and use their knowledge. They will become better professionals and ultimately better citizens of the world. 

Increased employability

The JE allows the student to acquire practical and professional experience while in university. It is proven (European Commission, 2012) that participation in a JE improves a student’s career perspectives: alumni have a better career start after university and are more successful in the long-term than their peer average without JE experience.

Commitment to university

The Junior-Entrepreneurs prove to be more committed to the University and its academics than other students. They are used to having contact with the professors, to with whom they collaborate for specific training or even in projects, and to develop connections inside the JEs with fellow students also form other years and courses. 


The Junior Enterprise network is very integrated both at national at international level: often, our members decide to continue their education in another university after getting to know it via the successes of its Junior Enterprises, that for instance was awarded a European “Excellence Awards” during one of JADE events. 

International exposure

International experience is more and more valued by the job market: through Junior Enterprises our students have the chance not only to get in touch with international peers but also to experience before graduation what it means to work on international projects, coordinating international customer and suppliers across Europe. 

Business cooperation

The Junior-Entrepreneurs are on a daily basis in contact with a number of business – both SMEs and big corporations at national and international level: they serve as a link between academia and the business world, allowing companies to get to know better the university environment and the value of the students that attend it.