Why working with JADE?

To describe Junior Entrepreneurs, you need to have a look on the average profile. They are university students between 18 and 24 years old, study economics or engineering, highly career orientated and use their time in the Junior Enterprise to develop their hard and soft skills. Their entrepreneurial background helps them to run their own Junior Enterprise and manage Projects for clients.

JADE is the European Confederation that brings together more than 20.000 Junior Entrepreneurs from more than 280 Junior Enterprises from 14 Countries.

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Meet our Junior Entrepreneurs in JADE Events

For direct exchange with our Junior Entrepreneurs you can get in our meetings. The JADE Spring Meeting and the Summer JADE Meeting provide you the possibility to deliver workshops for more than 20 selected Junior Entrepreneurs, presentation in the plenary sessions in which you speak to every participant or the attendance in the Gala Dinner where you meet Junior Entrepreneurs and interesting personalities, like our last Key Note speaker Herman van Rompuy (former president of the European Council).

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Become a Partner

Becoming a partner means for you to address Junior Entrepreneurs directly. JADE offers you customized benefits to do Recruitment and Employer Branding. As a partner you are also invited to our international events in which over 300 Junior Entrepreneurs from all over Europe participate. Through our Social Media channels you address not only the Junior Entrepreneurs but also all the other students that are interested in the idea.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to be Corporate responsible and support an idea that exists now for almost 50 years and is steadily growing.

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Herman Van Rompuy

Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the European Council, was our honored Keynote Speaker in the JADE Spring Meeting 2016.

Mr. Van Rompuy talked to the Junior Entrepreneurs come from all around Europe about the challenges the Union is facing today, the role youth can have in facing them and the next steps in the creation of an even stronger common identity.

The JSM was therefore the occasion not only for our Junior Entrepreneurs to meet such a high-profit personality at European level, but also for our partners that took part in the event to exchange ideas with Mr Van Rompuy and get to know is point of view on today’s hottest European issues.

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