FlusSport Gestión Deportiva



FlusSport Gestión Deportiva is a Junior Enterprise of Granada’s Sports Science Faculty. Established in 2010 our goal is to complement the studies of Sport science students, promote physical activity and sports in our community, fight for professional regulation and expand scientific knowledge in our field.


To reach our goals we:

  • Manage Sports Schools of Sport Science Faculty2
  • Manage and participate in sport events.
  • Collaborate with public and private professional sports institutions and organizations.
  • Facilitate job insertion for students (job offers, tools, learning, ..)
  • Perform special days related to sports (skate day, Halloween, tennis day…)
  • Collaborate with other Junior Enterprises, like working together in special days or workshops.
  • Manage Sports Science Faculty’s summer camps
  • Doing conferences, seminars and courses for our instructor as a complement of their studies (Nutrition, aerobics, teaching, birthday parties entertainment,..)


1Students get involved into it by taking real practices filling the lack of them in their studies. They work as sports teachers with kids and adults in Sports Science Faculty sport open activities in the afternoon. The activities are: pilates, power dance, football, tennis, basketball, swimming, gym, athletics, indoor football, judo, dance, toning and gymnastics. Some of them also work as instructors in our summer camps and the one managed by Granada’s University, being selected from sports schools as a recognition for their working quality and attitudes.

Our philosophy and way of working is our distinctive characteristic. Day a day we try to narrow relationships between our members, feeling that they are in a human team to share personal and professional experiences. We think that when you work with people you get on well with, then you go to work with a better predisposition, work harder and it means something to you. That’s why apart from work activities we roll in to group dynamics activities such as barbecues, matches, and country house weekend as some examples.

Moreover we do a social function as we are located in Granada’s north area which is a socioeconomic depressed area by offering our sport services with affordable prizes. Actually we are trying to expand our service with external project through the whole city also.



  • Alejandro Becerra Medina (President)
  • Ana Mora Zafra (Secretary)
  • Ignacio Romero Novoa (Treasurer).
  • Víctor Bueno Naranjo (Clerk)



Our future lines are trying to improve our services quality, more external projects, transmit our model to other Sports Science Faculties and keep fighting for professional regulation in sports.

“Todo fluye, nada permanece”

“Nothing endures but change”