Boost Your International Career: Apply to JADE ExBo 2015!

Multi-cultural team, international environment, high-level events, extraordinary skills and great memories. Did you smile and picture yourself there as you read these words? Well, you probably have imagined only half of it!

If you can appreciate new ideas, coming from diverse people, giving you more opportunities as well as challenges, you have a new glimpse of what JADE Executive Board means. All nationalities can be represented in your team; and you will become an expert in how to deal with somebody that comes from a different culture. Are you still eager for more? The peak of multi-culturality is reached by living in the capital of Europe, Brussels, together with your team.

Recruitment2If you are an adventurer by nature and you are always looking for something new to explore, you will have the whole continent at your will! 13 countries from across Europe are represented in JADE and you can take the chance to visit all of them. Are you more adventurous than that? Pack your bags and get ready to fly half of the globe, to South America or Africa, for attending events and promoting the Junior Enterprise concept!

If you see yourself dealing with the most appreciated business people or policy makers, you will be able to take it to the next level, the European level. You will have access to an incredible network of people who influence the decisions that can transform the society you live in. Yes, there is a way to take this higher as well: think about representing the Junior Enterprise concept in front of global organisations, like United Nations, World Bank and others.

If you aim at becoming the best version of yourself, you are, once again, just at the right moment. Either soft or technical, your skills will become extraordinary as you will be a process owner, department manager and an active part in dealing with strategic decisions. Day-by-day problem solving and though situations will increase your ability to work under pressure, handle stress and change your perspective on each one of them.

Now you might have a better picture of what it is going to be like to work a year for JADE. Wrap it all and mix it, then multiply it a thousand times and you will get maybe the most important part of it: great, unique memories and strangers that turn into friends for life. Are you willing to face the challenge?

For more information, check all the details here and then apply here! JADE Team is also ready to help you!