Who are JADE Members?

JADE has two main kinds of members: Confederations and Consultative members. In both cases, each member is connected to a country, which it represents in JADE’s General Assemblies: in the case of Confederation, the member represents 3 or more Junior Enterprises in its country, grouped in a national confederation, while a Consultative Member is an individual Junior Enterprise established in a country in which only 1 or JEs exist, and therefore there is no Confederation.

In order to establish a Confederation at least 3 Junior Enterprises are necessary.

Representatives of the JADE Members gather every year in at least 6 occasions to discuss about the developments in the Junior Enterprise network: each national member has the chance to propose projects to be carried out at international level, network with the other members, impact via the European network the policy making at European level.

I am Junior Enterprise: what are the benefits for me?

Develop your business internationally

Partner with our Junior Enterprise around Europe and offer your customers international projects

Meet international customers

As part of JADE network, international customers –companies or other Junior Enterprises– will reach you to have insights in your country’s market

Use Podio as your intranet for free

Podio is an amazing intranet platform for your Junior Enterprise. Thanks to a partnership with JADE, you can have full access to it for free for your JE

Get recognition and visibility at European level

Get visibility and be known at international level by applying to the JADE Excellence Awards or by sharing internationally your successes

Learn from other JEs around the world

Exchange your best practices from fellow JEs all around Europe and learn from their best practices

I am Junior Entrepreneur: what are the benefits for me?

Develop an international network

Get in touch with like-minded people from all around Europe and the world. Meet the best professional of tomorrow and start building your own personal network

Get new career opportunities

Meet high level companies in JADE events, have the chance to be interviewed during the meetings, receive offers from international organizations for internships and full time positions

Develop your personal branding

Thanks to our partner The European Sting you have the chance to have your voice heard at European level publishing an article on one of the main European newspapers

Enjoy a free QuickSLIDE licence

Thanks to our partner QuickSLIDE as a Junior Entrepreneur you can have a free QuickSLIDE licence to make stunning presentations