Learning by doing

This was one of our main visions throughout the last years, to give students an opportunity to use the university knowledge and put it into practice. It was also a major motivation to found JADE Academy.

The Train-The-Trainer’s program was launched in 2015. This program gives Junior Entrepreneurs a way to develop new heights and to be able to deliver high quality trainings in multicultural environments.
We want to enable Junior Entrepreneurs to design, perform and evaluate trainings for other Junior Entrepreneurs and students and spread the peer learning spirit throughout the network.

You are Junior Entrepreneur and would like to become a trainer?

Once you finished our 1-week Train-the-Trainers program you will receive a JADE Trainer certificate and become part of the JADE Academy Trainers Pool. This will give you the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, to different JEs and national or regional events and deliver trainings. Thereby you improve your training skills further and collect valuable experience in intercultural topics.
Our next JADE Academy TtT will take place from 07.-13.08.2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

You are a JE or national confederation and would like to receive a JADE Academy Training?

JADE Academy is currently establishing trainings all over Europe to provide value to all JEs and confederations:
Our trainers are committed Junior Entrepreneurs who have received a complete trainer’s education and are therefore able to deliver professional trainings. One of the biggest advantages they bring with them are trainings about soft skills and the opportunity to exchange experiences and create new points of view. You get to know how Junior Enterprises from other countries work and you will get to know their culture.
Compared to typical goal-oriented workshops which result in a physical product, a training is focusing on learning as a group and improving the individual interpersonal skills of the participants.
There is no limitation for topics which can be covered during a training. Basically all soft skills (e.g. negotiation), interpersonal skills (e.g. communication, teamwork) and organizational (e.g. project management, crisis management). Our trainers are able to develop and deliver the training according to your needs and thereby ensure the best learning experience.

Contact the JADE Academy Team for more Information!

If you would like to request a training for your JE or event contact us and we will develop a solution for your needs – write an e-mail to training@jadenet.org!