4 Great opportunities for any Junior Entrepreneur to Embrace the Global Network

The Junior Enterprise Network has never been so global. Since the past two months, JADE has been representing the entire European Network towards the interest of the Global Council, discussing and working on projects with three other organizations: Brasil Júnior, JC3 and JET – the Brazilian, Canadian and Tunisian Confederation of Junior Enterprises. All these four confederations represent, together, more than 700 Junior Enterprises spread across their areas and over 30 thousand Junior Entrepreneurs!

In order to achieve the Global Movement’s vision for 2018, which is to be a truly global and connected movement, by improving our results via increased cooperation, we would like to bring some opportunities for all the Junior Enterprises and Junior Entrepreneurs in order to make you feel the connection and embrace the network!

Today you are going to get to know more about 4 international opportunities you can’t miss to connect yourself with the Junior Enterprise movement worldwide:

  1. Godmother Program

    Who doesn’t face troubles or big challenges inside their own Junior Enterprise? Thinking about that, the Program was restructured and now has also a focus on the Development of the Junior Enterprises worldwide! Now with the idea to connect to develop instead of just connecting to enlarge, participating in this Program is a great opportunity to get to share best practices and also learn from a Junior Enterprise in a different country. With a Methodology that will take the best out of the meetings, it is your big chance to make your JE become internationally connected. Make sure your Junior Enterprise is subscribed before 16th of October! Find more information to register here.

  2. Promotion Program If you are going in exchange or planning an internship in another country and want to take the Junior Enterprise Concept with you, the Promotion Program was made for you! From creating a team, building the business model and getting the organizational structure and strategic planning done, you can be the responsible to make more students experience working on a Junior Enterprise and also impacting the society in your country of destiny! The registrations are continuously open and you can find more information about the Promotion Program in this link.

  3. Exchange Program between Junior Enterprises

    Have you ever wondered how a Junior Enterprise in another country actually works? If you don’t have any plans for December until February 2017, you can get the chance to discover! Tell us your availability to either go either to receive another Junior Entrepreneur from another country. Demonstrate your interest in this survey, that won’t take you more than 3 minutes to answer.

  4. JEWD 2016

    We are less than two months away from celebrating the third edition of JEWD! The big day takes place on November 22nd, worldwide. How are you going to celebrate the Junior Enterprise World Day? Like us on Facebook and be aware of all the opportunities that you are about to be communicated!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let this opportunities escape from you enjoy your experience in participating in all of them! #FeelTheConnection #EmbraceTheNetwork #TogetherWeGrow #GrowGlobal