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    "Junior Enterprises connect academic knowledge and the business world, providing businesses with state-of-the-art knowledge. There are now close to 20,000 European “junior entrepreneurs” between 18 and 25 years old. According to a 2011 EU survey, 79 percent of junior entrepreneurs start work immediately after graduation vs. an average of 59 per[...]

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    EIIL Workshops for Free!

    Together with the European Institute of Industrial Leadership (EIIL), JADE offers to all its members the opportunity to attend high level workshops with managers from various countries and different industries and backgrounds. These workshops normally cost up to 2.000€ but as a JADE member you can benefit from this partnership for free.

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    JADE's activities are funded by the European Commission

    With the support of Youth in Action Programme, JADE represents the views and interests of young people from Europe, promoting intercultural exchange and encouraging a learning-by-doing experience through Junior Enterprises.

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    The International Congress on “Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth”, organized by JADE, took place between 6th and 9th of March, in Brussels. The event gathered 230 Junior Entrepreneurs, of over 22 nationalities, representing 45 Junior Enterprises.

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JADE Members

JADE is an umbrella organisation of more than 280 student-run businesses across 200 universities in 13 European countries. Following the motto “learning-by-doing”, our students bridge the gap between academia and real business world. By running non-profit SMEs and being social entrepreneurs, the students turn over 16 million euro per year and involve more than 20,000 peers, thus leaving a significant impact on the local and national business world.